Parrot Tracks Studio, an Austin recording studio, offers multi-track analog and digital recording, mastering, restoration and archiving of old vinyl records and tapes. Parrot Tracks Studio has been helping the music community in Austin, Texas get the "right sound" since 1980.

Owner George Coyne has been in the music industry for over 25 years and can assist with voice-over demos, albums, and CD packages, providing pre- and post-production services as well as project development needs.

  • Spacious and comfortable recording environment
  • Analog/Dgital recording
  • Automation on mixdown
  • Mastering
  • DAT, ADAT, and multi-format transfers

Congratulations to Dena Taylor, winner of the ICM Award for Best Female Jazz Artist of 2014. Here's what she has to say about George Coyne and Parrot Tracks Studio ...


"Well, George … I came home from LA with the 2014 IMC Best Female Jazz Artist award. You and Parrot Tracks certainly had a hand in that because you make such damn great recordings. THANK YOU!!!!"

Thank you, Dena.


Check out the Video Absentee Lover by Jim Stricklan Recorded in the Studio

Check out What Our Clients Are Saying in the Press ...

“That’s METAL” Magazine – Germany – interview with Barry Duncan of XCEL  Q: Did you use the original master tapes for the re-release or what source was used?

“We’ve already remixed and remastered the original master tapes using a man in Austin, TX.  George Coyne (owner of Parrot Tracks Studios) did a FABULOUS job of getting all the tracks pulled off the old analog tape and remixing and remastering the album to a quality that we have been hoping to find for 25 years!  He did a superb job.  We were all very pleased with the outcome.  Yes, it’s a LOT heavier and punchier.  It’s always been there, the original engineers just buried everything in the back of the mix making it weak sounding.  George just brought it out like it was supposed to be”.

“That’s METAL” Magazine – Germany – interview with Kevin Cox of XCEL  Q: Did you use the original master tapes for the re-release or what source was used?

“The master tape of the album is 26 years old.  So we had a slim to none chance of being able to use it.  So another miracle fell in our lap.  We were put in contact with George Coyne at Parrot Tracks Studio in Austin, TX.  This guy is a magician!  He resurrected our tape from nothing.  When it was first put on the reel to download it to digital, it was in horrible shape.  It was flaking off on the heads and disintegrating right before our eyes.  Ichabod wasn’t even recognizable in spots.  He took the tape for a few days and said he would try some other things.  You will see the difference when the album is re-released.  We owe this whole project to him without question.  He flat out worked miracles on it.  If XCEL does another album, I would love to do it at his studio with him doing the recording.  He’s a musician too, not just an engineer, so he understands what we’re looking for.”

We also offer:

  • Digital mastering
  • Restoration and archiving of:
    • old records (33, 45, 78 rpm)
    • tapes (1/4, 1/2, 1")
    • 8-track cartridges
  • Narration and spoken word projects
  • "Audio Memories"

If you just can't get that sound in your home studio, come into our studio and cut that one in a million vocal, drum, or guitar track  ... whatever. It'll give your next recording just the punch it needs. Bring us your rhythm tracks and we'll take care of the rest.

Check out this interview with , one of our bands.



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